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Many people ask, what is a data entry job? In order to explain what data entry jobs are it must first be explained what data entry is. Data entry is taking data in the form of audio or print and transforming it into another form of data, typically into a computer program. Handwritten documents, spreadsheet information, or medical dictation is all forms of data that can be transcribed. Most people, when thinking about data entry clerk jobs, are thinking about those people who exclusively enter data from some form to another and those are the jobs this article will discuss.

Since typewriters and computers became part of the everyday working world, documents and data have needed to be typed or entered into a program. Excellent ten key typists are the most qualified for data entry jobs, but any good typist can adequately fill the position. For instance, people who have worked as administrative assistants or secretaries or who have spent a lot of time in front of the computer and passed typing classes make excellent data entry clerks, but software programmers, who input nonsensical code all day are normally not the best typists and would likely do poorly at a data entry jobs.

Data entry requires concentration and focus, and many find the work challenging on the body and mentally draining. Typists must be aware of maintaining great posture by typing in a sound ergonomic position and take breaks often to relieve the strain on the hands and eyes. Taking a break once an hour is recommended by experts that specialize in ergonomics at the workplace. You should move away from the computer screen and practice hand and stretching exercises to prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel and back problems.

One of the benefits of data entry jobs is that it is not always necessary to work in an office. Many people work their data entry jobs from home by transcribing medical information, updating websites for sites that offer merchandise, and entering general data for businesses. There are many part time data entry jobs that allow you to telecommute, which provide the flexibility that many people want. Online data entry jobs are also available, but you must be careful not to fall into the many scams that are out there today.

Any data entry position that requires you to pay a fee is a scam, plain and simple. There is a multitude of these scams on the Internet, but there are many legitimate work from home data entry jobs free from fees and scams. Typical data entry jobs at home pay between $10 and $15 dollars per hour (USD). Qualified medical transcription professionals are able to make more than that, but working in this field often requires a degree or certificate of completed education in the field.

Another way to avoid the scams, and a way that many people acquire their data entry work, is by starting your own business. This business would require you to seek out work through employers and doctors who typically need this type of work performed on a daily basis. You can acquire contracts with these businesses to perform their data entry work. This route takes perseverance and knowledge about how to run your own business, but it is scam free and you are responsible for how much work you perform and you can negotiate your own pay.

Data entry jobs seem like simple work, but it can be taxing to the brain and body. However, there is good money to be made if you have the skills as a typist and are able to concentrate for long periods. Be very careful when researching for a data entry job on the Internet and avoid any job offer that requires you to pay a fee upfront. Jobs are supposed to pay you, not the other way around.

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